Care First Foundation P.O.Box 34 Multan


Humans First

Our Vision

CareFirst Foundation is a non-governmental, non-profit organization incorporated in Multan, Pakistan with the primary aim and vision of poverty alleviation through a specific focus on public health of the rural villages as well as the provision of opportunities for technical education and skill development for personal capacity building, especially in Southern Punjab.

Our Mission

Southern Punjab has been the worst hit region in the dengue and malaria outbreaks in years, past and present owing to frequent seasonal flooding, stagnant water and the non-availability of basic health services. The Dengue and Malaria epidemic has been a vicious cycle problem for Pakistan with 3.5 million people at risk of contracting Malaria and 20,000 people diagnosed with the fatal Dengue hemorrhagic fever annually. Moreover, women and children have been particular victims of these diseases, owing to a lack of the basic health service and education infrastructure in the region.

The CareFirst Foundation’s mission is a two-pronged approach towards thealleviation of this problem, focusing on personal capacity building of the rural population in the form of home-based healtheducation to help them identify and protect against the diseases; as well as providing the tools for disease prevention, cure and control, particularly in the villages of Muzaffargarh, Alipur and Kot Addu in Southern Punjab.

Furthermore, personal capacity building involves not only equipping the rural population the basic education of taking care of their health, but also to provide opportunities to their youth to be able to develop skills which can be used in the professional job market today so that they may be able to increase their standard of living as well, contributing to the development of the rural community further. Moreover, this mission of the rural support program also involves the implementation of viable solar power systems in these rural communities so that they may utilize this necessity to carry out mundane as well as business activities, such as farming, more effectively.